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Smiths Aquarium

Once arriving in Brisbane we are amazed by the effort put forth by the owners at Smiths Aquarium, the turn out was unbelievable to say the least. They have created a full-blown day of fun for their customers in honor of the flash sale and inshore visit of the Seachem H2Go. Complete with a blow up castle for the little ones and a cookout for all ages. I was amazed by the number of customers that turned out for the event and astonished by the customer loyalty to our brand. It truly was overwhelming to see how devoted Smiths Aquarium is to the Seachem brand and family.

As I entered the shop I recalled Mark Swan (the owner) relaying to me about a year ago that he was obsessive about keeping his aquariums clean and clear. Once inside I was astonished to see the clearest water I’ve ever seen in any aquarium shop anywhere in the world. These tanks weren’t just clear they were crystal clear. it was as though the water had been removed. Something that may be seen as achievable by under stocking aquariums but these aquariums were if anything overstocked.  As you can see they look incredible.

Then Mark took us behind the scenes to see his filtration and the secret to his pristine water. Two fluidized towers of Purigen. Each housing about 15 liters of media. He regenerates these ever few months when they turn black and his water is truly unreal.

A very special thank you to Smiths Aquarium for the partners and friends that they are to Seachem!


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