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2014 Seachem Walkabout Select Dealer Award

It is time to announce the 2014 Seachem Walkabout Select Dealer Award. This award goes to the select dealer that we feel had the best flash sale during the Walkabout Tour and really went above and beyond for the Seachem Flash Sale. While every select dealer was great, there was one that just stuck out during the whole tour and that shop is Smiths Aquarium!

Smiths Aquarium and their amazing staff put on quite the show for the H2GO and the Seachem Flash Sale with an extravaganza of activities, food for the family, and of course a lot of Seachem products to sell. If memory serves correctly on that day Smiths sold 29 cases of Prime, 19 cases of Stability, and 14 cases of Clarity! All breaking records for the Walkabout Tour! We want to recognize and thank Mark Swan, owner of Smiths Aquarium, his wife and daughter Gem and Chloe, and the entire Smiths staff listed below for the great job they did!

Again, we want to thank every select dealer for doing an amazing job and making this tour a great success and congratulate Smiths Aquarium for being named the 2014 Seachem Walkabout Select Dealer of the Tour.

Staff of Smiths Aquarium:
Andrew Bright – Manager
Tony Sunderland
Cameron Sunderland
Damon Zietzke
Jeff McDougall
Brad Ferdinands
Cindy Barnett
Stacey Campbell
Garry Maher
Jenny Maher
Meredith Dunford

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