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Store Spotlight: The Ark Pet Shop

Meet The Ark Pet Shop, Gold Select Dealer of the Quarter!

One of many beautiful displays!
The Ark Pet Shop was founded in July of 1979 by Tom Nelson. Tom already had some experience working in fish stores, so was fully prepared to start his own fish store when the opportunity presented itself.
The hobby is much different now from when the shop got its start though! They have had to adapt to changing technology, livestock, product sourcing, and suppliers, but have always stayed on their feet.
The Ark Pet shop is a full-line pet store with an emphasis on freshwater and saltwater fish, live plants, corals, and invertebrates. They offer a huge variety of livestock for every aquarist, which can be seen in their fantastic plant and coral display tanks.
Hobbyists of every kind are welcome in The Ark Pet Shop, where they strive to be on top of the newest advancements and discoveries in the science of aquariums!
These aquarium experts are particularly proud of how well they make use of the limited space in their store! They have a huge variety of products and livestock for sale, and it takes dedicated organization to keep their shop looking neat and professional!

That’s quite a family!
If you’re near Merrillville, IN make sure to pay Tom and Sharon a visit! Say hello to the rest of the Nelsons, Jon and Paul in the Freshwater and Saltwater departments, as well as Jim, the store’s “Gets it Done” guy!
Visit the store website at or visit them at
The Ark Pet Shop 2400 W. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, IN 46410 219-769-0661

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