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Seachem at the 2019 Global Pet Expo in Orlando

We are a week away from the largest annual trade show for the pet industry in the United States. The 2019 Global Pet Expo held in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center.  Seachem’s product display will be one of 3,253 booths set up to interact with dealers and distributors from around the world.  We know that every year store owners are looking for new and exciting products to put in their stores, and they look to Seachem as an industry leading innovator.  With our new and existing line of products, this year will be no different.

What’s New

We will be showing and demonstrating some of our newest products this year, including the Tidal™ 35 Filter and a new adhesive from our premium brand called Aquavitro Bond™.  The Tidal™ 35 Filter has been receiving rave reviews from hobbyists and shop owners alike, while Aquavitro Bond™ is very popular among reef enthusiasts.  

Tidal™ 35

We have partnered with Sicce to produce the Tidal™ 35 Aquarium Power Filter for tanks of 35 gallons or fewer.  At 130 US GPH (500l/H) it has the highest flow rate in its class.  Other features include a self-priming pump, a self-cleaning impeller, a surface skimmer, and included is our Matrix™ Bio-Media.

Our partners Sicce are the leader in their field.  They make extremely silent pumps that consume very little power.  Sicce pumps are sought after by both beginners and the most demanding aquarium enthusiasts.  This is why our filters are built with pumps made by Sicce.

Check out some of the Tidal™ 35 features


Aquavitro Bond™ is a unique low melting temperature plastic adhesive.  It can be used to secure coral to rockwork or to fuse rockwork together for more stable foundations in reef aquaria.


On top of our newest products, we will have most of our other product lines with us to demonstrate and discuss with dealers and distributors.  Our water conditioners, medications, fish food, plant supplements and all of our handy accessories will be on site and ready to test.  

We will also have three premium brands at the Global Pet Expo this year.  JurassiPet, our reptile and amphibian products are the most advanced and effective products available for the prehistoric pet enthusiast.  AviPet, our pet care line for caged birds, seeks to enhance the quality of life for birds and enable bird owners to keep their pets happy and healthy. Aquavitro is a premium brand from Seachem and is only sold by our independent retail dealers. 

Aquavitro is Seachem’s outlet for rapid response to the advent of new technologies as they arise. Aquavitro has distilled the essential components of reef and plant keeping into an optimized product line.  We love our independent retailers around the world.  They are hard working shop owners that deserve our best, which is why we reserve our premium line Aquavitro especially for them.  This helps to ensure our independents know how important they are to us.

Come Meet Us

This event is a great opportunity for our team to meet with our dealers from the United States and over 70 countries worldwide, and most notably host a dinner for our Select Dealers, those that have sold a certain level of product throughout the year. Seachem would not be the industry leader we are without the efforts of our independent and other retail pet stores. The event we put on for them during this show is just a small token of our appreciation for their hard work in making their stores a success.

Some of our fantastic Select Dealers at the Select Dealer Dinner

We also get the chance to meet with many of our global distributors while at the Pet Expo to give them the knowledge they need to help bring Seachem to retail stores worldwide. Our amazing distributors make it possible to expand our reach to the stores you visit in your communities. When we cannot be face to face with our retailers, the distributors are our link to the dealers, and to you, the consumers.

While we always enjoy seeing and speaking with our current partners, we are excited to meet new faces at the Global Pet Expo.  They will help us grow the fish aquatics hobby.  The connections we make during this show will allow us to continue to grow our business and make it likely that Seachem is in your neighborhood store no matter what part of the world you are in.

Stop by and chat with us!

We also take the opportunity to walk the entire show and sea the advancements of other companies within our hobby and the pet industry as a whole.  We feel that we should always be learning so that we always have innovative products that are widely regarded as the best by hobbyists around the globe. Speaking with your peers in an exchange of ideas can help with this.  

Seachem will have 10 representatives on the show floor answering questions and demonstrating some of our products and hardware to independent retailers, distributors and buyers. With over 100 years combined experience, our team at the 2019 Global Pet Expo will be able to address the most complex of questions and concerns.  

We know that the aquatics hobby is a tight-knit, well informed group of people that want the newest and most effective products when it comes to aquarium and fish care.  As hobbyists ourselves, we want the same.  Each full -time employee at Seachem has an aquarium at their desk or in their office.

The lovely planted aquarium in Seachem President, Doug Hill’s office

Industry meetings like the Global Pet Expo are vital to ensuring that nothing but the best products leave our facility in Madison, GA.  Like we always say here at Seachem, “Just add water.  We’ll do the rest.” 

We can’t wait to see you at the 2019 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida!

To hear more from Seachem in the future, or to locate a local or online dealer, please contact us and we can help you have the best aquarium possible.


Amanda Neese

Amanda Neese is the Sales and Support Supervisor at Seachem Laboratories, Inc. For more information about Seachem and its products, please visit

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