• CoralCrete
    Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive
    CoralCrete™ secures coral to rockwork in reef aquaria
    Coming Soon!
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  • Algae Scraper
    The 3 in 1 Algae Scraper
    for Glass and Acrylic
    The Algae Scraper designed with versatility in mind
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  • Vibrant Sea
    Concentrated Synthetic
    Sea Salt
    A new salt formulated for marine
    and reef aquariums
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  • Tidal
    Aquarium Power Filters
    Self-priming pump, dual water intake, adjustable
    flow, maintenance monitor, and a filter basket
    that holds any kind of filtration media - and more of it!
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  • NutriDiets®
    Now with probiotics
    NutriDiet® Flake Foods now come in more sizes
    and with a new and improved formulation
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  • Reef Reactor
    Calcium Reactor Media
    Reef Reactor™ is a high-purity source of aragonite,
    which supplies all important elements for
    optimal ionic balance and robust coral growth
    and coloration in reef aquaria.
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  • Digital Spoon Scale
    When precision matters
    Ensure precise dosing of any chemical or
    supplement up to 300 grams in 0.1 increments
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Help us Support Mark of the Rhino® and Mankwe Wildlife Reserve

Since 2008, Rhino poachers have killed at least 5,940 African rhino according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. As part of our ongoing environmental stewardship efforts, Seachem has joined the battle to support the protection of these endangered animals. Seachem will match up to $5,000 in donations.

Help Save the Rhino

Donate to Mankwe Wildlife Reserve


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