What's the right Seachem medication for your fish?

Infectious diseases pose a unique problem of diagnosis. Most are external and parasitic in nature. Parasitic infestations, however, are often accompanied or followed by secondary bacterial or fungal infections. Even the experts have problems identifying specific disease conditions. Internal infections are even more difficult to diagnose and treat. Internal infections should be treated with antibiotics added to food or with Focus™.

Use this chart as a general guide in selecting the proper medication. Click on a product in the left column for more information.

Parasitic Infections Fungal Infections Bacterial Infections Viral Infections

Avoid the use of chemical filtration, ozone, and ultraviolet sterilizers during treatment. Any effective UV sterilizer will rapidly destroy just about any medication on the market. Do not treat a community tank unless the biological filter is strong and well established. Even medications that do not permanently damage the filter will retard it temporarily. Do not medicate and try to establish a biological filter at the same time. Be alert to the potential danger of ammonia or nitrite during treatment.