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The Long Journey to Mackay

As the team left Townsville early this morning and pushed southward to Mackay we found it to be a longer drive than anticipated. Being trapped on long stretches of desolate highway behind trailers added a couple of hours to the so called four our tour. No worries mate! A quick stop at Le Sorrel, a roadside cafe for lunch proved just the thing. They ended up being an outback treasure, boasting handmade daily all things delicious. Jim and Matthew enjoyed the waffle week specials while Doug had perhaps “the best cheesecake he has ever eaten.”

As the H2Go screamed into Mackay on two wheels and thirty minutes behind schedule we were excited to see a full parking lot and an amazing full line pet shop. Mackay Pet Superstore is a grand partner for the Seachem team and their support in this area for Seachem is greatly appreciated. The shop is extremely well stocked and the location couldn’t be better! The well trained staff is more than capable of meeting any consumer pet needs from any end of the pet spectrum.

While in Mackey we were delighted to break bread with Brad Smith, manager of Mackay Pet Superstore, and Blake Walters, the aquatic manager, both of which are platinum certified. The location, “burp!” a quirky upscale establishment that blew us all away with truly world class fine dining. Not the kind of place you’d expect to be called burp!…

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